On-line Presence!

What is on line presence?

I am glad you asked, online presence is how often or better yet how easily your business is seen on the internet. Now the internet is huge and consists of many different options like: Google | Bing | Facebook | Twitter | Yelp. Just to name some of the big ones. There are many ways of having online presence and some are more beneficial than others. The main key is being found, now it is TRUE that Google is the most common way for users to search and appears to be continuing to grow in popularity so there is no reason why we would think that is going to change anytime soon so yes it is VERY important to have presence on Google. But I don’t want you to think that is enough actually Bing controls around 1/3 of every search on the internet and must not be left out. Long story short be present as often as possible.

My Services

Website Design

Websites that focus on bringing you new business; from promoting services and asking your customers to take action to working with Search Engines like Google and Bing.

Local Listings

Making sure major Search Engines know you, it is vital in making sure you rank higher on the results they produce.  It also ensures you will be seen in the map section.


Optimizing your presence online is done in 2 major ways paid promotions which have fast temporary results or organic work which is slower but has a lasting effect.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the web's largest used media forms and there are many options, which is right for your business. Well that is where we come in, we will assess your brand and focus social presence for you.