Local Listing Assitance

Getting you on Google Maps & More

Local Listing, are designed by major Search Engines such as Google and Bing to assist their users in locating businesses in the area that they are looking for. These listings are very important for your online presence because the SE that is serving up the results make sure they know you.

Claiming listings is a process that needs to be followed correctly and is different for each SE so knowing the process is one way we can help. In addition to claiming the listing correctly you need to correctly build a profile that is keyword rich so you will be shown when you want to be seen.

Let us help you correctly introduce your business to all the Search Engines that matter and let them know [Who (you are) | What (you do) | Where (you are located or service) | When (you would like to be seen) | Why (it will benefit the user looking for you)].

Goals For Local Listings

Put Business On Maps - SE Visability - Increase Online Footprint - Easy To Find - Easy To Connect - SEO

Local Listing Submission

Search Engines, Directory Sites, and Social Media profiles all have a need for accurate business information. If your business is verified on all your listings then your online footprint not only increases but has been confirmed, so that you will rank higher on searches for your business and the services you provide. There are over 400 directory sites and trying to verifiy each one can take a very very long time. Trentdaddy can help I use programs developed to notify hundreds of directory sites, this can help get you on SERI, Alexa and Google Asistant as a valid result for them to recomend.