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The use of SEO is designed to increase your organic search results. These results are seen in the section of Google / Bing ..... that are not paid results / ads. SE (search engines) look at everything from META Data to Back Links. Unlike PPC (pay per click) advertising or SEM (search engine marketing) the results you get from SEO are long lasting and what most business owners would like to see!



On Page SEO is the most important part of SEO because it is the most reliable way to affect your organic search results. It will directly effect your ranking and can dramatically affect your CPC (cost per click) for your Search Engine Marketing efforts. It also affects your off page SEO efforts. This type of SEO works directly with your METAData like Title Tags, META Description, Heading Tags and Alt Tags.



Off Page SEO are the additional efforts to increase your organic search rankings. By using blog posts, back links, local listings, directory sites and more. It has it's ups and downs, first of all it can take alot of work so can be costly but when done properly can result in lasting affects. Back links can help or hurt depending on the athority of the site. Making sure your SEO does not use black hat SEO tricks is very important!